Services Overview

Pressure Cleaning Brisbane. There are a variety of names this service is called like High Pressure Cleaning, Water Blasting, Gurni, Karcher, Water Pressure Cleaning, and I guess there will be a few others. But we call it PRESSURE CLEANING BRISBANE.

After operating in the industry for over 20 years we have developed systems and skills in all aspects of high pressure cleaning which results in a project being completed better, in quicker time, and cheaper for you. Our service range is extensive and we can complete whatever project you have. For example;

Roof Cleaning

A dirty roof will always drag down the overall appearance and appeal of your home. BUT, more importantly, it will speed up any deterioration by up to 80%. By having your roofs cleaned on an annual basis, you extend the life of your roof and almost eliminate the need for maintenance. Read more...

Concrete Cleaning

Because concrete is predominantly exposed to the outdoor elements there is a need for it to be cleaned on a regular basis. And this is more so for plain concrete. Only problem is, if you clean it down by hosing, you will use excessive amounts of water and we all know what an expensive commodity water is today. Read more...

Graffiti Removal

The graffiti problem has been around for many years and it will remain that way for many years into the foreseeable future. But you do not necessarily have to be a victim of random graffiti tagging. We have the answer for removal and protection against future attacks. Read more...

Brick Paver Cleaning

Cleaning brick paving is a long job even for the smallest path. Just by looking at them you will see what is required to clean them with their porous make up and joints every 100mm. The nature of brick pavers allows extensive areas for weeds and algae to germinate and this quickly spoils the total effect of your pavers. Read more...

Extraction Filters and Flue Cleaning

This service more suited to the commercial kitchen sector. Extractors are used constantly during your cooking hours both day and night. That means they quickly get an excessive build-up of fats and grime. Any extractors that have excessive fats are a health hazard ... not to mention that they are also a serious fire damage. Read more...

Commercial | Industrial Pressure Cleaning

We have the equipment to clean commercial buildings from an 8mtr extension to cherry picker which allows us to safely and effectively clean down you commercial build, offices, factory or warehouse. Another big demand for our services is factory and warehouse concrete floors. We can work in with your trading schedule to ensure that there is minimal disruption. Read more...

Fence Cleaning

If you have been unfortunate enough to have had your fence tagged, call us and we will get offending graffiti removed promptly. We will also treat the surface with a product to inhibit further graffiti tagging. For wooden surfaces that are unpainted we may be able to remove all signs of the graffiti but we need to get onto it urgently because once the paint seeps well into the porous timber, our task becomes that much harder. Read more...

Wall Cleaning

Concrete, block, brick or rendered, we have the correct equipment to remove graffiti without causing damage. Our range of pressure cleaning plant includes truck mounted cleaners that can get the job completed in a very short space of time. The main reason you wall got tagged was because it has a level of exposure to the road and/or passers-by to warrant the graffiti vandals attention. Read more...

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Check out our services range below, it is considered by industry standards to be comprehensive and recognised for its ability to provide powerful, environmentally safe solutions for all kinds of pressure cleaning and hydro problems. We also offer a variety of other cleaning services in Brisbane including external house cleaning, brick cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning and water damage services.

As we say, We Are A One Stop Shop for all your pressure cleaning and hydro related requirements and we give a 150% money back GUARANTEE not only on our pressure cleaning Brisbane services, but on every service we offer! That’s how dedicated we are to providing you with the service you expect. Our aim is to ensure complete satisfaction and value for money. We don’t want you to pay us if you are not happy. We take extra steps to keep all our customers unquestionably happy and this sets us apart from the others in our industry.



  • Exterior House Washing
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Patio Rejuvenation
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Gutter Clearing
  • Fascia & Eaves
  • Brick & Paver Washing
  • Fence Cleaning
  • Render Cleaning
  • Soft Washing Available


  • Kitchen Floors
  • Bacteria Control
  • Extraction Filters
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Wall Washdowns
  • Window Cleaning
  • Factory Floor Cleaning
  • Carpark Cleaning
  • Real Estate Clean-ups
  • Signage Restoration


  • Deep Floor Drying
  • Bacteria Removal
  • Water Stain Removal
  • Emergency Flood response
  • Mould remediation
  • Carpet Washing
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Water Waste Vacuum
  • Strip & Seal
  • Hygiene Restoration


  • Indoor Floor Cleaning
  • Surface Sealing
  • Line Marking removal
  • Painters Pre-Cleans
  • Govt Equipment Cleaning
  • Bar-B-Cue Cleans
  • School Cleaning
  • Tennis Court Cleaning
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Chemical Removal