Brick Paver Cleaning

Cleaning brick paving is a long job even for the smallest path. Just by looking at them you will see what is required to clean them with their porous make up and joints every 100mm. The nature of brick pavers allows extensive areas for weeds and algae to germinate and this quickly spoils the total effect of your pavers.

However, it is not only the appearance that needs to be of concern, dirty brick pavers and/or the existence of algae growth means that they will be very slippery and even treacherous in wet conditions.

No doubt you have attempted to clean the bricks in the past so you will know how hard it is to get a clean brick without blowing out a vast majority of the sand in all those joints between them. Our pressure cleaners and attachments can be tailored to clean your brick pavers without blowing out all the sand but at the same time, removing the grime and algae accumulation.

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