Extraction Filters and Flue Cleaning

This service more suited to the commercial kitchen sector. Extractors are used constantly during your cooking hours both day and night. That means they quickly get an excessive build-up of fats and grime.

Any extractors that have excessive fats are a health hazard and also a serious fire damage. We have all heard the stories of the flues catching on fire resulting in alarms being activated, your kitchen shut down and patrons evacuated.

There is no need to risk any health and safety issue. You may well be surprised at how little it costs to have your extraction filters cleaned using our high pressure system. Once we have chatted with you to determine the amount of use and the predominant products extracted through the filters, we can work out how often you should have your filters cleaned and at what price.

It is always a good idea to have the flue cleaned every so often. But how often will be determined by how clean you keep your filters. A cleaned extraction filter works at the optimum level and stops the majority of the oil and grime going through the flue. On the other hand, dirty filters mean that you will have to have your flue cleaned 5 – 10 times more than that with clean filters. And flue cleaning means a much bigger job and the shutdown of your kitchen for much longer periods.

Save money. Save time. Protect the Safety and Health of your customers and staff.

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