Graffiti Removal

The graffiti problem has been around for many years and it will remain that way for many years into the foreseeable future. But you do not necessarily have to be a victim of random graffiti tagging.

Mainly it is businesses and public property that seem to be the targets but if your home has a nice flat fence in a prominent position to the road, then that also can be a target.

We have a proven system that not only removes all sign of the graffiti, but protects the ‘drawing board’ from further attacks by making it much harder to have the paint stick to the surface. And if it gets a bit too hard for the vandals, they tend to go elsewhere and let others know that the spot is no longer any good for tagging.

Another important factor with graffiti is to get it removed ASAP to not only protect your business image, but to avoid it being seen by other taggers who will wait for it to be cleaned and hit it again with their own branding.

One call to us and we will give your graffiti removal task a high priority.

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